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SANTA MONICA, CA (PRWEB), June 4, 2019

iNymbus today released a Case Study for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors detailing how Whirlpool successfully reclaimed hundreds of manpower hours with deduction automation.

iNymbus today released a case study for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors entitled “Deduction Automation As A Service: iNymbus Automatically Resolves Shortage Deductions for Whirlpool Corporation” describing how the appliance giant is successfully using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to dispute shortage deductions from retail partners including Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot.

Whirlpool faced problems created by partners including Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, Bed, Bath, & Beyond by continually needing to dispute endless shortage deductions received from the retailers. Other manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are likely familiar with the unique challenges chargebacks and deductions present, including dealing with the super-efficient rate and volume large retailers apply deductions and chargebacks and the time it takes to resolve them.

Says Sreedhar Narahari, CEO of iNymbus and creator of DeductionsXChange, “On average, each of the 16 Credit Reps at Whirlpool were spending 10-15 hours a week disputing shortage deductions. With multiple large retail partners, each with their own dispute requirements and portals, the highly customizable ‘deductions automation as a service’ solution iNymbus provides was the fix Whirlpool needed to cut down on their deduction processing time, efforts, and costs.”

With iNymbus able to automatically pull the POD’s from Whirlpool’s largest shipping carriers, the manual work and time Credit Reps once spent to identify, research, gather supporting documentation, and finally dispute each shortage deduction has been cut down by an estimated 75%. The hundreds of manpower hours recovered have allowed the Credit Team to focus on the root-cause of deductions to help minimize forward volume. Additionally, with robotic automation disputing every single deduction, more revenue than ever before is now being collected.

Get the complete PDF iNymbus case study to learn how Whirlpool implemented robotic processing and was freed from manually processing shortage deductions.

About iNymbus DeductionsXchange

iNymbus DeductionsXchange resolves and disputes deductions and chargebacks automatically, while increasing speed and efficiency by 30X. DeductionsXchange introduces cloud robotic automation to the process of uploading denied claim packets to retail vendor portals and submits disputes on the customer’s behalf. Not only are processing costs reduced dramatically via elimination of manual labor, sales are increased by enabling companies to take back revenue from previously invalid and undisputed chargebacks and deductions.


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