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Top 6 Benefits of Robotics in Deductions and Chargebacks

Disputing and resolving chargebacks and deductions is a constant battle. It's Optimus Prime versus Megatron, on the regular. Large retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Costco, use technology to spit out deductions at a furious rate, and you're attempting to fight back...

Best Practices for Robotic Processing of Deductions: RVCF 2018

  Businesses are hearing more and more about robotics. Many are figuring out how to use robotic automation to their benefit, and some have implemented them with great success.

Processing Amazon Chargebacks and Deductions with Robotics: Time and Cost Benefits

  We recently participated in a webinar hosted by the Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF), where we discussed the issues with Amazon chargebacks and deductions. We understand and feel your pain, and want to show you how using robotics to process and resolve...

Upcoming Webinar: Top 6 Benefits of Robotics in Deductions

Robotics Process Automation is now widely used across various industries to solve many problems timely and effectively. 

Documentation to Support Suppliers When Disputing Chargebacks and Deductions

Researching and disputing chargebacks and deductions is a time-consuming, tedious, and costly process. Supplying supporting documentation is often required by the retailer, however a list of the types of documentation necessary to successfully dispute a chargeback, is...

Upcoming Webinar: Time & Cost Benefits of Robotics in Processing Amazon Deductions and Chargebacks

Amazon spins deductions and chargebacks back at suppliers at an enormous rate and volume. The problem gets complicated as they have the ability to do that at the level of line items of invoice and PO. This combination of rate and volume puts a tremendous amount of...

Press Release: iNymbus to Host Session at #RVCF2017 on Cloud Robotic Automation and Deductions Processing

SANTA MONICA, CA (PRWEB), NOVEMBER 4, 2017  iNymbus is proud to be hosting a session at the 2017 RVCF Annual Fall Conference, in Phoenix Arizona, entitled “How Robotics and Cloud Automation Can Positively Impact Deductions.” The session will be both panel discussion as...

iNymbus to Present at RVCF in Phoenix, November 8, 2017

iNymbus is presenting at RVCF on Wed., Nov. 8 at 10:30AM in the Grand Canyon Room 9-11 and showing how cloud-enabled robotic automation can help consumer products companies quickly clear their books and bring their chargebacks and deductions current, with minimal...

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