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The 19 Unique Fields Per Lost or Damaged FedEx Claim Form

The process of filing a lost or damaged package claim with FedEx, is perhaps even more fun than filing a tracer with UPS.

How to Process UPS Freight Claims Faster

To fully grasp the pain distributors and suppliers feel dealing with the day in and day out of chargeback, deduction, and freight claim processing issues, iNymbus periodically turns to our customers and asks a "real person" to walk us through examples of manually...

Where's the Bill of Lading? The Roadblock with UPS Freight Overcharge Claims.

Ever searched UPS for a bill of lading (BOL) and not been able to locate it? UPS only allow shippers to view BOL's (or the shipping information and history of the goods delivered) on their terms. BOL's are searchable on the UPS website for only 120 days after the...

Using Robotic Automation to Process Chargebacks and Deductions and the Effect on Your Team

After you take into consideration implementation costs and ongoing robot maintenance, the costs of using robotic automation to process and resolve chargebacks and deductions can be estimated at approximately 1/6 the cost of a full-time employee. You may be thinking,...

Press Release: iNymbus to Host Session at #RVCF2018

  iNymbus is excited to be hosting a session next week at the 2018 RVCF Annual Fall Conference in San Diego, CA, entitled “Best Practices of Robotic Processing of Deductions.”

Case Study: D&H Distributing Permanently Solved Deductions and Chargeback Issues

Recently, iNymbus interviewed Tony Warfield, Vice President of Credit Services and Heather Reso, Senior Director of Credit Services at D&H Distributing. We asked and they answered ... Why iNymbus to permanently solve their deduction and chargeback issues? 

Make Your Shipper Deductions and Chargebacks Disappear!

Credit and Customer Operations Departments have attempted to solve the problem of Retailer and Shipper deductions and chargebacks for years, wasting manpower and brainpower copying transaction back and forth between complex and every-changing systems. Staff...

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