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Convincing Your I.T. Team to Support Automation of Deductions Processing

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We get it. You are hesitant to approach your I.T. Team with your deductions and chargeback processing automation opportunity because, well, they are busy. In today’s world, I.T. teams are stretched to the breaking point, being forced through countless reductions of staff and outsourcing initiatives. Automating something for the Finance team is hardly at the top of their list, when they have corporate email problems, networking issues and security breaches to worry about.

Here are the business reasons you should stress with your Corporate Information Technology Group, as to why your company needs to automate its deductions and chargeback processing:

  • Headcount savings in Finance can amount to reductions of 80% or more in processing costs.
  • As sales increase and with retailers becoming even more sophisticated at taking chargebacks, Finance won’t need more headcount to process increased deductions!
  • Speed of processing deductions & chargebacks increases by more than 30X with automation, bringing in revenue that is being held by the retailers.
  • Revenue increases by 10% or more attributable to chargeback and deductions that have been taken in error by retailers.

It is easy to understand that automating deductions/chargeback processing results in not just cost savings, but increases in revenue which benefits the entire company.

Here is why implementing iNymbus DeductionsXchange will be simple for your I.T. Team (dare we say easy?):

  • We can independently work with any file format or structure of data that the A/R and chargeback data is in, no need for I.T. to hold our hand (this includes Excel, SAP downloads, and document PDFs).
  • iNymbus is extremely experienced with the Accounts Receivable function and with all major A/R systems, we’ll understand the data with no explanation needed from your systems folks.
  • We continuously monitor all retailer portals (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. etc.) and look for changes proactively. We modify your deductions process to work smoothly with any portal changes.
  • Implementation will take only a few weeks, not a few months. This will be a quick turn project providing tremendous value to the company overall.
  • We utilize only the strongest SSL security and encryption. Your data is safe behind the strongest of fire walls.

We think your I.T. Team will be convinced, and will be willing to give your project higher priority, if they understand all of the above. Contact Us today, and we would be happy to explain.

Read our Chargebacks &  Deductions Resource Guide

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