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Prepare For Amazon’s New FFP Requirements, or Prepare For Sizable Chargebacks

Avoiding Amazon FFP Frustration Free Packaging Non-Compliance Chargebacks Reducing unwrapping time and waste in regards to packaging has Amazon convinced they’ll improve the customer experience and see higher customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is a happy...

Why Automating Retailer Chargebacks and Deductions Matters to Sales

While we know retailer chargebacks, deductions and shipper claims are a burden for manufacturer, distributor, and supplier A/R departments, but what about other areas of the business? This blog series examines why streamlining chargeback and deduction processing with...

Press Release: Shortage Deductions Automatically Resolved for Whirlpool

iNymbus today released a Case Study for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors detailing how Whirlpool successfully reclaimed hundreds of manpower hours with deduction automation.

Chargeback and Deduction Supplier Community Presentation Now Available!

We have been working with robotic technology for over six years, with the express and singular focus on eliminating the chargeback and deduction processing problems for credit and collections departments. We feel your pain and want to help you out of this mess. 

Amazon Vendor Returns Process, RVCF Presentation Available!

We recently enjoyed presenting with RVCF at our webinar on Amazon returns processing last week. The presentation highlights the pains of Amazon return processing and how implementing robotic processing automation can help. This unique solution does not take a lot of...

Deduction Automation Webinar Sneak Peek!

On Thursday, 5/23 we will be presenting a free webinar entitled “Why Manpower and Systems Won’t Solve Your Chargeback and Deductions Problem,” hosted by Supplier Community, a resource center for suppliers.

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