Chargebacks and Deductions: What They Are and How to Fight Them

What exactly does “chargeback” mean? In our context, it’s not consumer protection from fraud, but fees determined by large retailers such as Amazon or Walmart on their vendors for committing a violation in the realm of shipping or packaging. Because this is often a...

Understanding the 5 Types of Amazon Chargebacks

If you’re an Amazon vendor, you know that Amazon does not hesitate to chargeback for basically everything. The result is leaky revenue, plus immeasurable time and frustration. This can often be lessened with operations and compliance checks, and although each Amazon...

Traditional Solutions Don’t Work with Amazon: iNymbus Amazon Chargeback and Deductions Case Study

Sellers have been dealing with retailer chargebacks and deductions since the beginning of, well, retail. For a large book distributor, solving these problems has been an ongoing struggle, and in recent years the rate and volume of mega-retailers such as Amazon and...

RVCF 2018: Learn how to clear out your deductions now!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Exhibitors Sessions at the upcoming RVCF Conference in Clearwater next week. 

Just Out! iNymbus Amazon Deductions Recovery Study

Many Amazon vendors are frustrated by the dollar amount of deductions Amazon takes right off the top of their sales and are also surprised by the sheer volume of the deductions transactions.

Amazon Chargebacks Eating Into Your Profits? How and What to do. PART 2

Continued from Part 1: Amazon Chargeback Issues 1 thru 4. What are the issues? #5 – Complex and ever-changing algorithms We admit, you do need to have some serious math and Excel smarts to design spreadsheets to calculate Amazon Chargeback algorithms. Not to mention,...

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