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Catching Up on Retailer Deduction Backlog with Automation

If your company sells goods to large box stores, department stores, drug stores, or online mass merchants, you know a thing or two about deduction issues. It's a growing problem with powerful retailers charging their suppliers and distributors for several perceived...

Webinar October 7th: Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Make Returns Variance Processing Go Away!

Please join iNymbus and RVCF for our upcoming webinar entitled "Black Friday / Cyber Monday: Make Returns Processing Variance Go Away!" on Monday, October 7 at 2PM EST (11AM PST, 1PM CDT). 

Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims: Supplier Community Presentation Now Available!

For over six years, we have been helping manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers process shipping carrier freight claims from shippers like UPS, FedEx, and others. We understand the time consuming and frustrating nature of manual freight claim processing. Our...

Why Automating Retailer Deductions Matters to I.T.

While we know retailer deductions and shipper claims are a burden for manufacturer, distributor, and supplier A/R departments, but what about other areas of the business? This blog series examines why streamlining chargeback and deduction processing with automation...

Automating Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing: Webinar Sneak Peek!

Next Wednesday, 8/28, iNymbus CEO and Founder, Sreedhar Narahari will present a free webinar entitled “How to Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing,” hosted by Supplier Community, a resource center for suppliers.

Webinar: How to Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing - Registration Now Open!

We are excited to be hosting our second webinar session with Supplier Community, a resource center for suppliers, entitled “How to Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing.”

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