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10 Reasons the iNymbus Chargebacks and Deductions Solution is Different

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The robots at iNymbus DeductionsXchange were specifically designed to dispute and resolve chargebacks and deductions for suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. Here are a few other things that make iNymbus stand out as a company and a solution:

1. First person knowledge of Credit and Collections space.

Our team of experts comes from credit and collections background. We are specifically knowledgeable in the claim and dispute process of retailer and shipper chargebacks and deductions. 

2. Cloud based solution scales with you, no growth challenges.

As your company grows, more deductions are inevitable. With iNymbus on your team, this won't mean weighing down your current staff or hiring, or increasing your outsourcing. Our robots can handle the volume increase!

3. Bot building capabilities in-house.
We built these robots specifically for the the major retailers and shippers...and we know how to use them. They have been tested thoroughly and proven to work time and time again.


4. Artificial intelligence capabilities in-house.

Everyone talks about AI, but many are still hesitant (or don't know how) to use it. In this space, it's very powerful and unlike any other "solution" you will find. When our robots are constantly doing repetitive work, the data is stored in our system and AI is used to look for specific patterns. For example, human signature recognition or "stamp" recognition. This takes automation a step further and can even potentially help with root-cause analysis.  

5. Processes which keep up with shipper and retailer portals and pivot quickly.

As a software as a service (SaaS) solution, we make updates regularly to keep up with the ever-changing retailer and shipper portals.

6. Systems Architecture is best in class.

We have spent years developing this technology, and have gotten the process down to a few basic core steps. The architecture is built-in, providing greater automation speed and cost savings.


7. Implementation speed is weeks and not months.
There is no need for an IT organization to maintain DeductionsXchange, it's up to us as a SaaS provider to do that for you. The majority of our customers are up and running within just four (4) weeks, and all outstanding claims brought current in six (6) weeks or less.


8. Pricing is a software as a service (SaaS) model.

As volume increases, so does your discount!

9. Customer has a direct line into iNymbus for issues.

Once the robots are up and running, they're doing the work and it's typically only at process changes when we need to involve our Customers again. However in the instance that a problem is experienced, our Customers have a direct number and we'll fix the issue ASAP. 

10. No cost trial: Use the service for 30 days prior to payment.

You read that right. Use our service for 30 days, before deciding to buy! 


Want to learn more? Download a PDF of our presentation "Top 6 Benefits of Robotics in Deductions & Chargebacks" below!

"Top 6 Benefits of Robotics in Deductions & Chargebacks"  Download Presentation 

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