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Automating Deductions Management: It’s Not As Hard As it Sounds

automating deductions management

What do Warner Brothers, Hanes, and the Dallas Cowboys all have in common?

They all save valuable time and money with iNymbus’ 100% Automated Deductions Management Software.  iNymbus provides 100% automated software that manages, sorts, and processes deduction and chargeback claims quickly, efficiently, and accurately; ultimately saving companies like Warner Brothers more than 80% in deduction and chargeback processing costs.  It’s true.Learn How to Automate this Process!

If you are a retail supplier then you know that the number of deductions and chargebacks (and the speed at which they are issued) continues to skyrocket. But why and how are these numbers continuing to increase at such astonishing rates? And what can a retail supplier do to address the issue? The truth is that large retailers like Amazon and Walmart utilize advanced artificially intelligent programs that are able to identify and issue deductions at alarmingly impeccable speeds, leaving many retail suppliers drowning in aging chargeback claims without the time, money, and staff to meet the increasing demand. 


Unfortunately, such programs, while fast, are not the most accurate. In fact approximately 90% of deduction and chargeback claims are proven to be invalid. That’s a lot of time and money spent refuting claims that ultimately add up to nothing! 


Our approach? Fight technology with technology using the same powerful RPA and AI solutions used by retail suppliers to enable AR and Finance teams to fight deductions and scale their operations.


Download to read book distributor chargeback and deductions case study.


iNymbus’ DeductionsXchange platform utilizes the best in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI that the industry has to offer in order to bring retail suppliers a 100% automated deduction management software that has the ability to increase claims processing speed by up to 30x and ultimately reduce your company’s chargeback and deduction costs by over 80%.


And the best part? It can fit into your current tech stack with the ability to be implemented in just 4-6 weeks and is individually tailored to your company’s specific needs. Schedule a Demo today and find out how iNymbus can help you stop wasting time, money, and energy now.

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