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Keeping Customer Shortage & Compliance Deductions Under Control

For companies seeing hundreds or thousands of customer deductions per month, processing claims has become critical to maintaining their bottom line. Suppliers for major retailers like Walmart and Amazon can face deductions for everything from unmatched paperwork to...

RPA: The Future of Dispute Resolution Process

Suppliers and distributors across all industries know the many challenges that retailer and shipper deductions and chargebacks bring. These deductions can quickly eat away at a supplier’s bottom lines, and the only way for them to preserve their profit margins is to...

Suite of Cost Recovery Solutions For Retail Suppliers

Cost recovery processes are essential for suppliers and distributors that work with major retailers. Retailers charge suppliers for a wide variety of perceived problems and discrepancies, from mismatched invoices and POs to incorrect shipping practices.

How to Simplify Reporting And Add Visibility To The Deductions Challenge

Deduction management has long been a tedious, costly, and lengthy process for suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors across all industries. Many companies have become so overwhelmed by retailer chargeback volumes that they are forced to work overtime, add staff, or...

Overcoming Challenges And Growing The Business With Deduction Management

Major retailers have automated systems that apply chargebacks at rapid speeds. Part of staying competitive today means challenging and fighting every single deduction. Today, we're quickly discussing how you can use iNymbus automation to free up your time to enable you...

Innovating for Human Impact: How To Utilize iNymbus In Your Business

Deduction and chargeback management have historically been highly resource-intensive processes for companies of all sizes. Traditionally, companies were forced to hire additional staff, outsource to a third-party deductions management firm, or rely on large ERP...

Getting to the Root of Shortage Deductions and Ways to Dispute Them Instantly

Shipment shortages, damages, and pilferage are constant, ever-present issues that negatively affect manufacturers’ bottom lines. These losses and the time-consuming process of deduction can be mitigated by taking logical steps and using deduction management software to...

Diving Head First into Deductions- and Why It's Costing You

Disputes and deductions in accounts receivable can become a major headache for businesses of all sizes and industries, with the potential to significantly impact a company’s cash flow and operational efficiency. 

How to Fight Chargebacks In The Most Cost-Effective Way

Let’s set the scene – you’ve happily sent Amazon your products for them to sell. You send them boxes and boxes of the stuff, and you’re over the moon for making such a great sale. Ka-Ching! Shortly after invoicing Amazon for what you should rightfully be earning, they...

Amazon Vendor Central Headaches? Say Hello to Cloud Automation

There is no denying the sheer power of Amazon in today’s world. So if you have the privilege of being an Amazon vendor selling through the Vendor Central platform, you’ll know how great this can be for your business.

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