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Automating Freight Claim Processes with iNymbus

Automating Freight Claim Processes

As businesses grow and process thousands of purchase orders each month, the risk of damages and losses during shipping increases. Dealing with these issues manually can lead to financial strain and a backlog of claims. Whether it pertains to UPS freight claims or FedEx damage claims, the implementation of automation can significantly improve the efficiency of the process, thereby mitigating the risks posed by the complexities of logistics operations. In this article, we delve into the details of freight claim processing, we will discuss the key challenges and also talk about how automation and freight claim software can help you tackle them.


How to Create a Freight Claim Manually

Creating a freight claim might appear straightforward at a glance, but it rapidly becomes a time-consuming ordeal.

1) Enter Consignment Tracking Number:
Start by inputting the tracking number for the consignment for which you need to create a freight claim.
Fedex Step 1

2) Specify Claim Type:
Identify the nature of the claim, whether it concerns damages, losses, or non-delivery of the package.
fedex step 2

3) Data Compilation and Formatting:
Gather and organize the required data for the claim, ensuring it meets the specific format stipulated by the carrier.

Fedex Step 3

fedex step 3

4) Document Submission:

Attach supporting documents, such as proof of damage or loss, to substantiate the claim.

fedex step 4

Key Challenges

1) Cash Flow Management:
Delayed reimbursements from freight claims can lead to significant strain on the company's cash flow, tying up funds that could be utilized for growth or operational investments.

2) Manual Repetitive Tasks:
The labor-intensive nature of manually attaching documents and filling out freight claim forms for each individual case is prone to error, inefficiency, and significantly drains employee time and company resources.

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How iNymbus Solves This

Enter iNymbus, our state-of-the-art deduction management software that promises to overhaul this dated, cumbersome process.

  • By leveraging the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, iNymbus doesn't just simplify the creation of claim files—it reinvents it.
  • Our software operates on the principle of 'set it and forget it,' using SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to autonomously populate claim forms, append the correct documents, and thereby eliminate manual effort across the board.

This isn't just a slight improvement—it's a ground-up transformation, capable of accelerating the claims process by up to 30 times.

Results after Embracing Automation

By taking the plunge into automation with iNymbus, businesses see an immediate impact on their claim handling.

1) Cost Reduction:
Automation with iNymbus leads to a dramatic drop in cost-per-claim, up to a staggering 80-90%. This significant reduction frees up financial resources and streamlines operational expenditures.

2) Accelerated Dispute Resolution:
The speed of dispute resolution multiplies, accelerating by up to 30 times. Tasks that previously took days or weeks can now be accomplished in mere minutes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Cloud Robotic Automation vs Manual

Case Study

D&H Distributing, burdened by manual deduction processes, turned to iNymbus for automation, choosing it for expertise and cost-effectiveness. iNymbus automated 80% of freight claims, saving time and preventing extra hires. So impressed, D&H plans to extend iNymbus to manage Bed, Bath, and Beyond deductions. Download the case study PDF for an in-depth look at D&H's successful automation journey with iNymbus.


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Freight claim processes can become complex as businesses expand. Manual handling of these claims can lead to inefficiency, errors, and a backlog of claims, which can affect the company's cash flow and overall operational efficiency. iNymbus is a freight claim software that uses RPA technology to simplify and automate the freight claim process, ensuring faster dispute resolution and reducing the cost-per-claim by up to 80-90%. Companies adopting iNymbus can enjoy a streamlined, almost effortless claim process, freeing up financial resources and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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