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How a $2 Billion Client Tackled Deductions with iNymbus


Introduction: In today’s dynamic retail space, managing deductions is a complex task, particularly for larger organizations with diverse product portfolios. This narrative revolves around a resilient organization with an annual turnover of over $2 billion, seeking to streamline its deductions management operations. The story unfolds as they choose iNymbus' Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to tackle their challenges, inviting a transformative change.

Challenges Faced

As an established provider of beauty, health & wellness, and home & outdoor brands, the organization was facing significant challenges managing their deductions. A team of almost 40 full-time employees struggled to handle deductions related to key retailers, including industry giants like Amazon and Walmart. The complexity of the process was intensified due to the varied formats and unpredictable intervals at which the supporting documentation was arriving. A slew of inefficiencies and errors gave rise to an escalating backlog of claims. In response to these mounting issues, the organization started the quest for a technological solution to augment the processing volume of daily deductions.


Partnering with iNymbus

The organization found its ideal partner in iNymbus to facilitate a custom-built solution to bring automation into the picture. With the challenge of automating the operations of over 20 retailers, the development of precisely defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) became fundamental to the success of the automation process. The establishment of these well-defined SOPs was the catalyst for a systematic transition towards a fully automated deductions management process.


The implementation of iNymbus RPA Solution catapulted the organization into a new era. The labor-intensive deductions management process, previously a time-consuming endeavor, underwent a metamorphosis into a swift, hands-free operation requiring minimal staffing. What sets this transition apart is the unprecedented speed at which it was executed. Typically, transitions of this magnitude can span months, but with iNymbus and our team of seasoned experts, this transformation was achieved within just a few weeks. The organization quickly transitioned from a reactive to a proactive approach, highlighting improved capabilities and signaling a significant shift towards progress and efficiency.

Results and Benefits

The transition to iNymbus RPA solution yielded substantial improvements in deductions processing time, reducing it to mere minutes compared to the previous 3-4 weeks. The automated process, despite a conservative staffing approach, brought about significant cost savings. Simplified dashboards and easily extractable data ensured heightened visibility across multiple retailers, magnifying the overall efficiency of the organization. For detailed metrics and outcomes, download the complete study here. (Link to PDF).


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Client Testimonial

“Visibility has been improved without a doubt thanks to iNymbus. Now with all data and documents being funneled into a centralized iNymbus dashboard, visibility, and reporting on deductions across a variety of retailers is simplified.

The iNymbus dashboard gives a fuller picture of the status and dollar value of deductions per retailer because it sits between the retailer and organization Order-to-Cash processes and Systems.

We're now able to see deductions that normally would have been written off due to different rules in our ERP for each of our business units. We're able to see every single claim regardless of the claim amount.”



In summary, the encounter with iNymbus brought about a transformative change for this large organization. The integration of the iNymbus RPA solution led to increased efficiency, accurate results, and significant cost savings. This compelling success story is a testament to the diverse potential of optimal technology application, and the power of innovation to overcome operational hurdles. To learn more about their transition and gather insightful details, don't hesitate to download the full case study.


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