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Documentation to Support Suppliers When Disputing Chargebacks and Deductions

| September 6, 2018
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Researching and disputing chargebacks and deductions is a time-consuming, tedious, and costly process. Supplying supporting documentation is often required by the retailer, however a list of the types of documentation necessary to successfully dispute a chargeback, is infrequently (if ever) provided.

Editor's Note: This blog post was originally posted in 2018 and the frustration with chargebacks and deductions is more relevant as ever. Click here to learn more.


This can lead to significant back-and-forth between merchandise supplier and retailer, and chargebacks that may never be resolved. In addition, the disputing process may remain unclear to the supplier, and thus continue to reoccur.


In a recent survey of suppliers, The Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) set out to collect information on what supporting documentation is most helpful to process and resolve retailer chargebacks and deductions. These responses combined with compliance guidelines offered by numerous retailers generated a helpful matrix of recommended documentation to back common deduction disputes, which can be viewed here.


Constantly defending against chargebacks and deductions can be a full-time job, but when using technology, it doesn’t have to be. At iNymbus that’s what we do. Download our case study below to learn how D&H Distributing successfully processes up to 500 chargebacks a day, automatically.


Download iNymbus PDF Now "D&H Distributing Case Study"

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