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Capture Retailer Claims and Boost Revenue with Deduction Management Software


The intricate nature of the deductions processing, coupled with challenges such as increased volume, staff fluctuations, and shifting business priorities, can often result in overlooked deductions. Effectively processing deductions can be a daunting task for companies supplying top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and CVS. 

In today's economy, organizations are placing increasing importance on the deductions management process and cost reduction initiatives to optimize cash flow and working capital.

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Given the sheer volume of deductions, organizations can miss out on potential recovery opportunities. Some commonly overlooked deductions include shortage claims, pricing discrepancies, and compliance-related claims. We also find that teams often set dollar thresholds to prioritize higher-value claims, leading to companies missing out on hundreds of lower-value claims.


Failing to promptly address these deductions can erode profit margins. To mitigate this, implementing a system that captures, analyzes, and disputes all deductions becomes crucial.


Deduction Management Software for Streamlined Processes

To alleviate the burden of manual deductions management, deduction management software powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology has gained traction. One such software is iNymbus, specifically designed to simplify the deductions management process. It offers several features that optimize deductions management:


  • Deductions Notification Capture: iNymbus automates the process of capturing 100% of deductions notifications, empowering companies to proactively address them before payment is affected.

  • Detailed Visibility: The software provides comprehensive visibility into each claim, facilitating quick understanding of the necessary actions to recover payment. It also identifies any stagnant claims that require immediate attention before they timing out.

  • Consistent Disputing: iNymbus ensures consistent and automated disputing of shortage, pricing, and compliance claims, minimizing the chances of missed disputes and increasing recovery rates.

  • Workload Filtering: By automating repetitive tasks, iNymbus allows human staff to focus on critical accounts and high-value claims, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing recovery potential.

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Take Control Today

In today's economy, effective cost control and recovery are paramount for businesses. Deductions management plays a vital role in optimizing cash flow and working capital. By implementing deduction management software iNymbus, companies can streamline the deductions management process, ensuring comprehensive deduction capture, consistent disputing, and efficient workload filtering. Embracing automation empowers businesses to prioritize high-value claims and projects while proactively preventing costly deductions.

Schedule an exploratory call with iNymbus to discover the value it can bring to your deductions management process.

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