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Nordstrom Deductions: Can Email Disputes be Automated?

Nordstrom Deductions

Retail deductions are an important aspect to consider for businesses as they can significantly affect the bottom line. Solutions to manage these deductions are available, but they often come with high costs or lack compatibility with the retailer you're engaged with. This article focuses on understanding and managing deductions from Nordstrom, a major retailer with over 100 stores in the US, to ensure suppliers can navigate this process efficiently.


Key Challenges With Nordstrom Deductions

Nordstrom is a key player in the retail market, and if you're a supplier, it's likely you'll deal with them. Managing deductions from Nordstrom can be complicated. Nordstrom provides a portal for suppliers to view their deductions, but when it comes to disputing these deductions, the process requires sending emails along with all necessary documents and information, which can be quite cumbersome.


How to manually dispute these deductions?

In contrast to other retailers where disputing deductions can be done within their respective portals, Nordstrom necessitates gathering all pertinent information from their portals. The whole process is a part of Nordstrom's Supplier Compliance Program and consists of several steps:

1) Gathering Information
: The step involves collecting all relevant data from the Nordstrom supplier portal. The data can include order details, shipping information, and any other documentation related to the dispute.

2) Drafting an Email: Upon gathering all the information, the supplier must draft an email detailing the dispute. The email should clearly state the issue, provide all relevant details, and attach any supporting documents.
3) Review Process: Nordstrom reviews the dispute upon receipt of the disputed email and takes a decision based on the provided information.


What makes manually disputing deductions a challenging task?

  • Navigating the Portal: Each retailer's platform is uniquely designed, making it time-consuming for employees to locate deductions manually. This process requires familiarity with the specific navigation paths within each portal. Nordstrom, like many other retailers, follows this pattern, necessitating considerable time and experience for employees to efficiently find deductions.

  • Complex Terminologies: Retailers may utilize varying descriptions, codes, or abbreviations to denote specific transactions, further complicating the deduction identification process. This inconsistency in terminology adds another layer of difficulty for employees attempting to understand and dispute deductions accurately.

  • Steep Learning Curve: Managing deductions from multiple retailers compounds the complexity. Suppliers often deal with numerous retailers, each with its unique pathways and terminologies. For instance, handling deductions from 20 different retailers, including Nordstrom, entails mastering diverse systems and terminology. This steep learning curve requires significant time and effort, particularly when disputing thousands of deductions across various platforms.

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Can this process be automated?

Absolutely, the process can indeed be automated. iNymbus: Deduction Management Software provides an end-to-end automation solution for this purpose. Let's delve into the details of how iNymbus accomplishes this and explore the associated benefits.


iNymbus Automates Dispute Resolution Process

1) Identifying Deductions

Employing advanced technology, iNymbus can detect newly issued deductions, whether they originate from a retailer’s portal or through email correspondence.

2) Validating Deductions

By adhering to standardized operating procedures (SOPs), iNymbus is equipped to validate the legitimacy of deductions. Furthermore, it categorizes claims based on whether they pertain to pricing discrepancies, shortages, or compliance issues.

3) Document retrieval

Upon identifying an invalid deduction, iNymbus retrieves all required documents from various sources, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platforms and your organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, to support the dispute process.

4) Filing the claim

Given the absence of a retailer portal, iNymbus, leveraging SOPs, can construct an email containing a comprehensive description and attach all necessary documents to file the dispute.

By automating these processes, iNymbus streamlines deduction management, enhancing efficiency and accuracy while reducing manual effort and potential errors.

Results Achieved After Embracing iNymbus' Automated Solution

Since implementing automation for resolving disputes, our clients have seen significant improvements in their operations. Some clients needed assistance in clearing their backlog of work, while others aimed to reduce the size of their deduction team, and iNymbus has been instrumental in helping them achieve these goals.

Here are the tangible benefits you can expect after using iNymbus Deduction Management Software:

Time Savings: By implementing iNymbus, you can save hundreds of hours of manpower, leading to significant operational efficiencies. This means that your team can focus on more strategic tasks, leading to improved productivity.

Cost Reduction: Our solution can help you reduce costs by 80% or more. By automating the deduction management process, you can effectively cut down on expenses related to manual labor and resource allocation.

Revenue Recovery: With iNymbus, you can capture 100% of deductions, thereby recovering lost revenue. This ensures that your organization maximizes its income.

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency: A substantial increase in the speed and efficiency of your operations, by up to 30 times. This increased speed and efficiency translates to quicker dispute resolution.


Success Story of a Retail Giant with $2 Billion in Annual Revenue

The company faced several challenges in handling deductions from over 20 retailers. Existing solutions in the market only catered to major retailers, leaving them unsupported with other retailers.

Another major challenge was the manual management of deductions from various email disputers such as Walgreens and Nordstrom, which significantly burdened their deduction team.

iNymbus transformed this retail giant's deduction management, reducing resolution time from weeks to minutes, cutting direct costs by 94%, and optimizing staff allocation. The automation streamlined processes, providing visibility across retailers and enabling root cause analysis. The iNymbus dashboard enhanced reporting and eliminated errors, turning a once tedious task into a hands-free, efficient operation.

iNymbus Case Study


In conclusion, managing deductions from retailers like Nordstrom can be complex and time-consuming for suppliers. However, solutions like iNymbus Deduction Management Software offer a streamlined, automated approach that can significantly reduce costs, save time, and improve efficiency. By embracing automation, businesses can recover lost revenue, optimize staff allocation, and transform tedious tasks into hands-free operations.


If you're looking to streamline your deduction management process, schedule a discovery call with iNymbus today to see how we can help enhance your operations.

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