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Top 3 Solutions For Disputing Retailer or Shipper Chargebacks and Deductions

| February 22, 2019
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So you have an Amazon, Walmart, Costco, (fill in the blank: large retailer) or a FedEx, UPS (fill in the blank: large shipper) deduction and chargeback problem. The volume is tremendous and the rate is furious. Your department is overwhelmed and you can't seem to get ahead, yet there is pressure to resolve these deductions and recover the lost revenue.


Maybe you have a disconnect in your supply chain that is causing the deductions pile up, or maybe the technology large retailers and shippers use to spit deductions at you has them coming in faster than you can keep up. Or maybe it's both. Regardless, resolving chargebacks and deductions is repetitive, tedious, time-consuming, and thankless work, that frankly, most people hate. Any of this ringing true? 


What do you do? Most suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers turn to one or both of the following "solutions": 


1. Outsourcing

This may include staff augmentation, hiring temps, or outsourcing with a company overseas. Basically, throwing more manpower at the problem and bringing on more people to manually dispute your deductions. 


2. Software Packages (On Premise or SaaS)

Purchase software that your team works in to resolve chargebacks and deductions. These are packages available by ERPSoftware vendors or specialty software provider. There is a catch, however. These packages help you organize your work better, perhaps streamline processing a bit. But they do nothing to actually resolve and submit deductions. There is still a humans pushing the button. Just a little faster. 


The above two options are costly, and you're still likely in the weeds and spending a lot of manpower, time and effort disputing chargebacks and deductions manually. These solutions are comfortable, and maybe they're all you know or all you have ever done. Or all that you think your company will approve. Outsourcing continues to be a popular solution. And buying yet another software package is pretty common place in Corporate America.


But the truth is, these two solutions do nothing to solve your chargebacks and deductions problems. They simply smooth the rough edges. Due to the size of retailers and shippers and their technology investment, they are setup to outpace suppliers, and will continue to do so and use automation to take every chargeback and deduction possible, at a much faster rate then your team will ever be able to keep up.


So what do you do? Show us what's behind door #3! 

3. Cloud Robotic Automation

What if you had the ability to use the same technology retailers like Amazon and shippers like FedEx are using, to dispute the deductions they are constantly throwing at you? This is the DeductionsXchange solution. Our computer robots are designed to solve just one problem: disputing chargebacks and deductions. Just like Amazon's robots have one purpose ... sending you chargebacks.


When a deduction comes in, our computer robots work just as a human would to gather information. They identify the deduction type, and when it is a shortage deduction, they pull the PO for you automatically. They can then do very clever things like read boxes, compare signatures, and automatically dispute the deduction for you in the retailer or shipper's vendor portal. The difference between a human doing this and our robots? Our robots are FAST and ACCURATE. And unlike a human, they don't even mind the disputing process!


Although this solution is new to many, it's not risky. Stay tuned for Part II next week where we'll talk about what really happens when you choose the iNymbus solution which at its hearts uses computer robots to solve this problem vs. outsourced labor or new software packages. These robots dispute on your behalf. No people in the middle!


In the meantime, download our latest case study to learn how some of our current customers are using our automated solution to dispute thousands of deductions per month!


Download iNymbus PDF Now  "Walmart Distributors' Deduction Case Study"



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