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Traditional Solutions Don’t Work with Amazon: iNymbus Amazon Chargeback and Deductions Case Study

Book Distributor Case Study Header Image - July 2018

Sellers have been dealing with retailer chargebacks and deductions since the beginning of, well, retail. For a large book distributor, solving these problems has been an ongoing struggle, and in recent years the rate and volume of mega-retailers such as Amazon and Walmart applying deductions and chargebacks is not only super-efficient, but also can feel a little ruthless.


Editor's Note: This blog post was originally posted in 2018 and the frustration with chargebacks and deductions is more relevant as ever. Click here to learn more.


Here’s what we mean by this:


Super efficient: Amazon can chargeback suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors pennies, on hundreds of items, over multiple invoices, shipments and POs, in literally a matter of an hour.


Ruthless: Amazon provides short windows to dispute chargebacks and has been known to change their portal and dispute process rapidly for their own efficiency reasons, in turn creating more problems, as any change to the Amazon portal can halt processing of chargebacks on the supplier side and create instant retraining issues.


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Processing deductions and chargebacks from the Amazon’s and Walmart’s of the retail space creates departmental pressure, is tedious and time consuming, and does not seem to be worth the human capital. Why? Because these retailers have such exceptional resources at their fingertips and are using systems, computer automation, and robots to raise chargebacks. So how do you combat these robots? Using the same technology, re-engineered, right back at them!


Discover how a large book distributor did just that, using cloud robotic automation against chargebacks to recover lost revenue, and employee sanity!

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