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Understanding the 5 Types of Amazon Chargebacks

iNymbus Blog Header 5 Types of Amazon Chargebacks 1024 x 512 - July 2018 (1)If you’re an Amazon vendor, you know that Amazon does not hesitate to chargeback for basically everything. The result is leaky revenue, plus immeasurable time and frustration. This can often be lessened with operations and compliance checks, and although each Amazon chargeback is unique, most fall into one of two categories: shipping and packaging. Vendor familiarity with the types of Amazon chargebacks (below) is critical to reducing them.

1. Purchase Order Issues

The most common of Amazon chargebacks, this includes failure to confirm POs in a timely manner, shipping extra units, and/or violating the ship window guidelines.

2. Receiving Issues

Received shipments that arrive at Amazon's Fulfillment Centers which violate compliance, including barcode issues or labels with missing information, is a chargeable offense.

3. Packaging Issues

Chargebacks are assured on items not properly bagged (must be polybagged!) and/or improper carton taping.

4. Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) Issues

When shipping items to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center, vendors must correctly create and send an ASN from Vendor Central or through EDI, within the designated timeframe. Any error with the ASN will result in a chargeback.

5. Transportation Issues

A chargeback will take place on any transported packages where failure to set up routing requests, or follow specified shipping and delivery fee polices occur.

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