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May Webinar: Vendor Returns Processing - Put Amazon Back in Their Corner

| April 17, 2019
| RVCF ,
iNymbus Blog Header RVCF Webinar 1024 x 512 - April 2019

Are you a manufacturer, distributor, or supplier who sells large quantities of items via Amazon? You may not realize your team is spending unbelievable amounts of time processing Amazon Returns due to the Amazon requirement to provide return reconciliations for each return, one-by-tedious-one.


This frustrating and boring task is likely causing some serious employee dissatisfaction, in addition to wasting your department's time on rote paperwork. In our upcoming 20 minute webinar on Wednesday, May 15 at 11am PST with RVCF, you will learn why adding people and process will literally never get you ahead of Amazon. And how you can beat 'em at their own game.


Amazon Returns Webinar
Wed. May 15, 2019, 
11am PST


 Register for Amazon Vendor Returns Processing Webinar 


 Presented by Rohit Patel, Credit & Collections Consultant at iNymbus, Patel has extensive experience in the Credit and Collections arena with long tenures leading the credit and collections teams at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and ResMed. 


Register for Amazon Vendor Returns Processing Webinar

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