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Where's the Bill of Lading? The Roadblock with UPS Freight Overcharge Claims

The Roadblock with UPS Freight Overcharge Claims Blog Header 1024 x 512 - Oct 2018

Ever searched UPS for a bill of lading (BOL) and not been able to locate it? UPS only allow shippers to view BOL's (or the shipping information and history of the goods delivered) on their terms. BOL's are searchable on the UPS website for only 120 days after the shipment. BOL's are critical supporting documentation for disputing compliance chargeback claims.

Any time after 120 days and the BOL’s are simply not retrievable. Requesting the BOL from UPS isn’t an option, because they actually cease to exist. Not exactly the most convenient or practical policy for the shipper attempting to research a freight chargeback claim.

For example, what happens when a supplier or distributor sells and ships goods in May, however doesn't collect until six months later? If you guessed, “the supplier is out of luck; there is no way to pull BOL’s for May shipments,” you’d be correct.

It’s not uncommon to stumble into traps like this when processing freight claims. UPS is probably hoping you give up, but you don’t have to!

iNymbus’ DeductionXchange cloud robotic technology automatically pulls 100% of UPS BOLs, and retains them for when they are potentially needed in the future. Therefore the UPS restriction of a BOL 120-day searchable window is no longer an issue. Anytime there is a need to retrieve BOLs, iNymbus has them all on file, regardless of the timing or how long after the fact, and easily accessible for chargebacks and deductions automatic processing.

This is just one of the dozens of features iNymbus provides to completely transform the freight claims process while  removing frustration and increasing successful dispute of shipping chargebacks and deductions.

Learn how D&H Distributing has used DeductionsXchange to process freight claims significantly faster by reading our case study! 

Download iNymbus PDF Now "D&H Distributing Case Study"


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