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5 Things That Happen When Automation Takes Over Manual Chargeback and Deduction Processing

| February 28, 2019
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The iNymbus DeductionsXchange solution is a revolutionary way in dealing with retailer and shipper chargebacks and deductions. By using our robots to fight fire with fire, you can bring your deductions down to ZERO, and keep them there consistently. But what happens if there aren't any chargebacks and deductions to process? Change can be scary, and you may even fear layoffs should robots take over the disputing process. Here's why you don't have to worry:


1. Value add

Employees freed from repetitive deduction processing are able to add value elsewhere in the organization, as their experience dealing with deductions can be reallocated. For example, a root-cause analysis as to why deductions are happening in the first place could be performed.


2. You and your team grow

With the robots automatically disputing deductions, employees are able to complete more productive and rewarding tasks in other spaces.


3. Keep expenses flat

As your company grows, there won't be a need to add new employees. Revenue recovered from the robots goes right back to the company's bottom line. 


4. Enter new markets

Disputing chargebacks and deductions is no longer a barrier to expansion. There is now bandwidth to engage with new customers without fearing what it will mean to deduction volume.


5. You're a hero

Hero-status is achieved when resources are re-purposed and the company is transformed. In contrast of being seen as an expensive drain, the Credit and Collections department becomes a strategic engine powering the company.


Still unsure and want to hear this straight from the mouth of our customer about how their business has transformed since working with iNymbus?


Read our case study here: Download to read D&H Distributing interview.


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