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New Whitepaper: How to Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing

| January 27, 2020
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Distributor or supplier A/R teams will tell you, manual freight claims processing is a frustrating endeavor. It also wastes valuable human capital as handling claims from shippers like FedEx and UPS is tedious, requiring numerous steps and repetitive functions.


Download Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Whitepaper


That's why we designed a solution using robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence to automate and solve freight claim problems. Our technology is specifically designed to minimize chargeback issues.

iNymbus can resolve and dispute invalid shipper claims through RPA automatically as a service for our clients. We reduce labor costs while increasing the speed and efficiency of processing claims, and are here to share how you too can use this technology to your advantage.


Download our latest whitepaper to learn more about how iNymbus and our unique solution detailing how to solve abundant freight claims issues! 

Solve Freight Claims Processing Issues

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