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Disputing Backlogged Claims and Winning!

| April 28, 2020

Conquer the mountain of Deductions from Amazon, Walmart, and all Big Box Retailers!

Are you looking at a mountain of backlogged deductions from your big box retail partners?  A source of anxiety while you see new claims coming in everyday. 


You look to your left and see hundreds or thousands of deductions that need to be disputed. To your right, more deductions are coming in daily!


Instead of throwing more analysts at the problem, iNymbus has employed the use of RPA technology to specifically tackle the mountain of deductions, backlogged claims, and is winning the war!


In a recent case, a new customer asked if we could use our proven automation solution to process one year's worth of claims amounting to $2.8 Million. Our robots set out to work and within 1 week we recovered nearly $2.3 Million for our customer. The robots silently and quickly accomplished the tedious and time-consuming task of data gathering and disputing claims in the retailer portal in the background, allowing our customer to focus on more strategic areas of their business.  What would you do with this portion of your day freed from manually processing deductions?


If you're staring up at a mountain of backlogged deductions from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot and other big box companies, iNymbus can scale your operations with our suite of automation tools.


Ready to get started? Click Here!


Zero-Touch Claims Processing

  • 30x faster and 1/8th the cost of manual processing
  • Scalability that adjusts to the size or seasonality of your business
  • Automated, no-paper solution, ideal for working in any environment (from home included)
  • Improve payment by disputing claims BEFORE they are deducted 
  • Easy setup with minimal IT involvement required
  • And more!

To help get started with the benefits of automating your retailer deduction and carrier freight claims process , below are some additional resources.

Download Amazon Case Study PDF D&H Distributing Eliminates Their Chargeback Problem


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