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Innovating for Human Impact: How To Utilize iNymbus In Your Business

| June 8, 2021
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Deduction and chargeback management have historically been highly resource-intensive processes for companies of all sizes. Traditionally, companies were forced to hire additional staff, outsource to a third-party deductions management firm, or rely on large ERP modules  to get the job done.


With cloud technology,  there is a simpler option available. 


iNymbus offers innovative and flexible cloud robotic automation services that enable your business to streamline and improve its deduction management processes at every level. Our services source the shortage and compliance claims,  supporting documentation, and automatically submit disputes to over 25 retailers.

You can avoid the extra resource and time costs associated with scoping and designing new management protocols, configuring new software roll outs, and training staff on how to use tools effectively. 


iNymbus’ robotic process automation is easy to implement and efficiently automate the deduction dispute  process. Our services eliminate manual work, freeing up your human team to focus their skills and efforts wherever they are needed the most in your business. 


The Inefficiencies of Outdated Deductions Management Solutions

Legacy solutions meant for resolving deductions are simply there for document and data collection. More complex tools such as HighRadius, SAP Deduction Manager, and Excel spreadsheets can often get in the way of the real goal- resolving claims and recovering money. They do little to streamline deduction management processes which involves research, dispute submission, and the inevitable months of follow up.


In a study conducted on Warner Brothers, we found that it took a highly motivated and trained human team between 5 to 8 minutes to organize a single claim, and another 5 to 7 minutes to upload it to a retailer portal. That’s a total of 10 to 15 minutes per claim. Instead, iNymbus now handles this process in 45 seconds per claim!

Another study on an apparel distributor for Walmart found that each claim took 8 to 15 minutes to complete manually. The distributor’s team was required to handle over 3,000 deductions each quarter, which means that they spend over 400 manpower hours per quarter simply trying to keep up with deductions! 


Clearly, manually processing chargebacks is time-consuming, tedious, and wasteful of precious human capital.

Exploring iNymbus’ Human Impacts


iNymbus is different- give us the data and we'll handle it from there.


Our RPA solutions can automatically perform deductions management, Auto-Redispute, Remittance Reconciliation, returns variance analysis, and debit and credit match reconciliation without the need for little need for human intervention.


Our solutions increase the processing speed of deductions and chargebacks by up to 30x, which exponentially increases our clients’ abilities to consistently resolve claims, and collect on lost revenue all while saving hundreds of manpower hours.


Our intuitive dashboard allows our clients’ teams to easily log in and quickly obtain the information they need without having to learn the intricacies of the technology they are using . This presents a low learning curve for users who will no longer be forced to spend hours sifting through reports and menus to find the resources they need to resolve shortage, compliance, and pricing deductions.


Compared to legacy solutions, iNymbus RPA eliminates the need for exhaustive scoping, design, configuration, and training cycles, all of which can rapidly eat away at the time and motivation available to talented teams. Our turn-key RPA solutions are configured and rolled out by our engineering team. 


The Benefits of Using iNymbus Solutions

Our cloud robotic automation services eliminate the outsourcing of labor and the need to purchase expensive software options, thereby saving you money that can instead be diverted towards supporting your team and their ideas and innovations. Our RPA solutions enable collections teams to work on exceptions and solve real, pressing business issues, instead of spending dozens of hours handling paperwork.


iNymbus is capable of automating a variety of business processes, including:

  • Centralizing data and documents from EDI, Portals, spreadsheets, and emails
  • Validation between systems
  • The locating and reconciliation of line-level detail
  • The consistent uploading of disputes to retailer portals

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These automated processes result in an increase in our clients’ available workforces. After implementing our solutions, our clients’ staff can begin to perform other essential analytical tasks instead of spending their time and energy performing repetitive manual jobs. 


Overall, our RPA solutions can help improve employee morale in the workplace while improving their productivity at the same time. Our first-in-class robotics technology can increase reliability within office environments by dramatically decreasing the incidence of formulaic errors.


The implementation of our solutions doesn’t require the assistance of your IT teams, either. We can fully integrate iNymbus solutions into your existing company framework in a matter of weeks, and our customers have a direct line into iNymbus for any issues they may experience. 


Why Your Company Needs iNymbus

iNymbus’ cloud robotic automation services can streamline and improve your deductions management and returns variance processes at every level. 


Our RPA solutions have the power to significantly reduce the time and manual effort it takes to successfully dispute chargebacks and perform return variance analysis, leaving your team with the freedom to address other crucial business processes that require human ingenuity. 


They are also able to scale with your business as its volumes fluctuate, negating the need for your team to spend extra time handling paperwork during times of high demand. 


Eliminate manual deductions management and return variance work with iNymbus and motivate your talent to drive your enterprise to new heights.

Download to read book distributor chargeback and deductions case study.

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