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Overcoming Challenges And Growing The Business With Deduction Management

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Major retailers have automated systems that apply chargebacks at rapid speeds. Part of staying competitive today means challenging and fighting every single deduction. Today, we're quickly discussing how you can use iNymbus automation to free up your time to enable you to focus on lasting initiatives in your company.

Proper deduction management processes start with having an efficient way to identify invalid chargebacks and deductions. Manufacturers and distributors who use robotic process automation to handle their deduction management are better equipped to dispute 100% of chargebacks by centralizing all data and documents related to all claims. This level of visibility gives teams a fuller picture into their deductions across their customer base.

Why iNymbus’ Solutions Were Developed

iNymbus’ deduction management software was created to bridge the gap between inefficient manual deduction management processes and the needs of modern suppliers. Our team noticed that the options available to deduction management teams did not adequately address their employers’ deduction-related issues, and often forced them to leave large sums of money on the table as well.

Traditional solutions to the issue of deduction management include staff augmentation, outsourcing credit and customer operations, and standard deduction management software. Staff augmentation is not a scalable solution as your business grows and deductions multiply. The price of outsourcing deductions comes at a hefty percentage of revenue shared. Lastly, traditional management software models do improve the management of chargebacks to a degree but do not complete the process for you.

There is a better way to manage your business’s deductions. iNymbus’ RPA solutions are simple to implement, do not demand incremental costs, and automate deduction workflow processes, thereby eliminating time-consuming manual work demands.

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Why Choose iNymbus?

iNymbus RPA is the proven turn-key solution for automation deduction resolution and other cost recovery processes related to the supplier-retailer relationship. With connections to 25+ retailer portals, you can automate your top customers. We offer in-house A/R focused RPA that can be implemented within weeks, without the constant involvement of your IT team. 

Our best-in-class systems architecture and software can reduce the amount of time needed to organize and file disputes from hours to minutes per week.

Our solutions automatically gather the correct data and documents needed to file accurate and viable claims against chargebacks and deductions. They then organize this data and create individual claim packages for each claim without human intervention. Once claims have been automatically validated, our software uploads  them to the appropriate retailer portals for dispute. 

iNymbus requires little to no input from your human team, using intelligent robots to get the job done and address 100% of claims every time. Your time is now freed to focus on the projects, ideas, and tasks that help your company grow!

How Maintaining Supplier and Retailer Relationships Benefits Business

Amazon, Walmart, and other major retailers can issue chargebacks amounting to as much as a third of certain invoices. This can quickly chip away at your revenues, creating considerable strain on growth. These chargebacks can accumulate rapidly, and often come with specified time frames during which they must be disputed in order to successfully win back their costs.

Larger retailers can issue thousands of chargebacks a month using their fully automated systems. These high volumes can take hundreds of manpower hours to address, and may even force teams to prioritize handling larger deductions at the expense of smaller ones. Fighting technology with technology is the way to stay current.

Our software has given A/R, Credit, Compliance, and eCommerce teams the time and freedom they need to work with downstream departments like Warehousing and logistics to improve processes and reduce issues. All of these factors work together to improve your impact to the overall business.

The Bottom Line

iNymbus’ RPA solutions simplify deduction management by automating claim disputes, remittance reconciliation, re-dispute automation, and returns variance analysis and dispute. 

Our deduction management software uses the power of robotic process automation to eliminate the manual labor and time and money costs associated with the process of deduction management. This frees up your team to optimize other aspects of your business and ensure that it continues to grow at a maximized rate. 

Contact us today to learn more about our 30-day paid pilot program or to request a demo of our proven automated deduction solutions.

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