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[Press Release] New Whitepaper: Distribution Company Uses Automation to Improve Freight Claims Processing

| February 27, 2020

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iNymbus today released a whitepaper detailing how robotic automation can be used to solve traditional claims processing issues.

The new whitepaper for retail distributors and suppliers entitled “How to Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing” describes how typical manual claims processing can be a frustrating, time-consuming task.

Download Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Whitepaper

The new whitepaper thoroughly explains how one distributor was able to implement solutions that improved their freight claims processing abilities. The company was able to decrease manual efforts while simultaneously increasing profits. The same robotics process automation techniques can be used by any supplier, distributor, or manufacturer to improve upon existing organizational efficiencies. 

Says iNymbus CEO and founder Sreedhar Narahari, “Most large shipping carriers lack user-friendly portals causing headaches among A/R employees. Robotic functionality can help to alleviate the common stressors of processing traditional freight claims.”

To learn more about how iNymbus RPA automation can help solve common manual claims processing issues, download the whitepaper below.

Solve Freight Claims Processing Issues


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