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SANTA MONICA, CA (PRWEB), April 25, 2019

iNymbus is proud to be hosting a spring webinar session entitled “Vendor Returns Processing: Put Amazon Back in Their Corner.”


iNymbus is pleased to present a 20-minute webinar event for RVCF, entitled “Vendor Returns Processing: Put Amazon Back in Their Corner.”

The iNymbus session will target manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers who sell large quantities of items on Amazon. It will address the time consuming nature of manually processing Amazon returns due to the requirement of providing return reconciliations for each return individually.

Attendees will learn why adding people and process doesn’t work, and how a cloud robotic solution to process Amazon returns can be used to automatically dispute deductions one by one, at lightning speed.  The webinar session will answer questions such as:

  • “What is Cloud robotic technology?”
  • “How can my company utilize Robots to resolve and dispute Amazon return deductions quickly and automatically?”

Presented by Rohit Patel,  Credit & Collections Expert and Consultant, Patel has extensive experience in the Credit and Collections arena with long tenures leading the credit and collections teams at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and ResMed.

The 20 minute webinar session will be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 11:00AM PST. Registration is now open.

For a session sneak peek and to learn more about the capabilities of iNymbus, read our Chargeback & Deductions Resource Guide.

iNymbus DeductionsXchange

iNymbus DeductionsXchange resolves and disputes deductions and chargebacks automatically, while increasing speed and efficiency by 30X. DeductionsXchange introduces cloud robotic automation to the process of uploading denied claim packets to retail vendor portals and submits disputes on the customer’s behalf. Not only are processing costs reduced dramatically via elimination of manual labor, sales are increased by enabling companies to take back revenue from previously invalid and undisputed chargebacks and deductions.


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