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iNymbus to Host Session at #RVCF2017 on Cloud Robotic Automation and Deductions Processing

By : Sreedhar
| October 30, 2017


iNymbus is proud to be hosting a session at the 2017 RVCF Annual Fall Conference, in Phoenix Arizona, entitled “How Robotics and Cloud Automation Can Positively Impact Deductions.” The session will be both panel discussion as well as presentation and will include an iPad give-away at the end of the session. 

The iNymbus session will address the concept of robotic technology and how this technology can easily be utilized to streamline processes and improve efficiencies by any CPG manufacturer or distributor company who receives deductions and chargebacks from any retailer. Attendees will learn how Robotics, combined with Cloud technology, can easily be implemented to help companies achieve a 30-fold increase in the processing speed of deductions to dispute resolution. This panel session will also answer questions within the context of deductions such as:

  • “What is Cloud robotic technology?”
  • “How can my company leverage the Cloud to process deductions and chargebacks quickly?”
  • “What type of involvement will Finance or I.T. need to have in order to automate these processes?”
  • “What cash flow improvements, reductions in DSO, increases in revenue and speed in processing is my company likely to see?” 

The key concepts that will be reviewed in this panel session are:

  •  What is robotic technology and why does the Cloud enhance your ability to solve credit problems?
  • What is a strategy to achieve Cloud Robotic Automation for the enhanced resolution of deduction based claims?

The panel consists of:

  • Moderator, Rohit Patel, Accounts Receivable Consultant and Expert
  • Rebecca Cassel, Director, Operational Compliance Komar Distribution
  • Sreedhar Narahari, CEO and Founder, iNymbus

The session will be held on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 10:30 AM in Grand Canyon 9-11. A drawing for an iPad will be held at the end of the session for all attendees (winner must be present). 

About DeductionsXchange

iNymbus DeductionsXchange resolves and disputes deductions and chargebacks, while increasing speed and efficiency by 30X. DeductionsXchange is for CPG Consumer Packaged Goods companies dealing with the costly problem of managing, retaining and sharing chargeback and deductions documentation. DeductionsXchange introduces cloud robotic automation to the process of uploading denied claim packets to vendor portals, and reduces processing costs dramatically, while increasing sales by enabling companies to take back revenue from previously invalid chargebacks and deductions.

About iNymbus

iNymbus creates cloud-based, back-office solutions designed to automate resource-heavy, finance processes, thereby increasing its clients operating efficiencies. Serving both Equipment Manufacturers and CPG companies, iNymbus solutions leverage the SaaS model and are platform agnostic. This means they can be implemented into existing, company platforms free of capital, infrastructure, and maintenance investments. The cloud-based, SaaS model also means your company will carry no ongoing resource burden. The iNymbus usage-based fee structure contract often pays for itself in less than three months.

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