iNymbus today released a White Paper for Amazon Vendors detailing the 8 ways Amazon eats into their profits through Chargebacks and tells Vendors what to do about it.

iNymbus today released a special White Paper for Amazon Vendors entitled ‘Are Amazon Chargebacks Eating into Your Profits? 8 Reasons Why, and What You Can Do About It’, describing the issues with the Amazon chargeback dispute process and its impact on profitability.

Amazon vendors for the past several years have been faced with unique challenges in Amazon Vendor Central, with increasing Amazon Chargebacks against sales eating into profit margins. It appears Amazon has gotten more sophisticated and automated in calculating and processing Vendor Chargebacks, as well as posting them to the Vendor Central portal.

Says Sreedhar Narahari, CEO of iNymbus and creator of DeductionsXChange, “Many Amazon Vendors have been out-paced by Amazon’s incredible investment in technology and commitment to efficiency. We have Clients who simply cannot keep up with the sheer volume of Amazon chargebacks and manually dispute these Chargebacks within the 30 days required by Amazon.”

Additionally, high volume Amazon Vendors complain about thousands of penny chargebacks. Vendors have found that at seven to twenty minutes to manually dispute each chargeback, it simply isn’t worth the army of temporary workers to process these tiny chargebacks by hand.

The iNymbus White Paper enumerates the 8 reasons why Amazon Chargeback processing has become so difficult and what Amazon Vendors can do. Mr. Narahari’s conclusion is simple, “Vendors have to fight Amazon bots with bots of their own!” In other words, Amazon generates the high volumes of tiny chargebacks with technology, and technology must be used to dispute the chargebacks equally quickly and seamlessly. And this technology is accessible to every Amazon Vendor today at a reasonable cost.

Get the FREE iNymbus white paper to learn the 8 reasons Amazon Chargebacks are getting even more difficult and how Vendors can fight Amazon.


About iNymbus DeductionsXchange

iNymbus DeductionsXchange resolves and disputes deductions and chargebacks automatically, while increasing speed and efficiency by 30X. DeductionsXchange introduces cloud robotic automation for uploading denied claim packets to retail vendor portals and submitting disputes on the customer’s behalf. Not only are processing costs reduced dramatically via elimination of manual labor, companies can take back revenue from previously invalid and undisputed chargebacks and deductions. iNymbus is a business-to-business software as a services (SAAS) solution provider for Consumer Package Goods and Equipment Manufacturing industries with a laser focus on cutting costs and reducing processing time through utilization of cloud robotic automation.









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