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Transform your Amazon Returns Variance Process with iNymbus

| September 30, 2020
Transform your Returns Variance Process with iNymbus


iNymbus Automates More than Deductions

That's right, we're using our proven RPA technology to automate more tedious and repetitive tasks that makes retail suppliers cringe. Selling to the nation's top retailers means you will eventually need to deal with the process of RMA claims and Return Variance. Here's how automation can help with this headache.


Return Variance Processing 101

After huge sales events like Amazon's Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, retailers often send back a large wave of customer returns. Nearly 58% of products are returned within the first 30 days of these sales.


Suppliers and manufacturers are often optimized for forward logistics, getting their products on retailer shelves on time. Unfortunately, retailers are not incentivized to work with their suppliers and reverse logistics in the same fashion. Product can often be shipped back with incorrect packaging, pricing, and even product. The result? 

Download to read book distributor chargeback and deductions case study.

The cost of missed deliveries is high. Lack of communication is one of the main reasons. Direct communication via SMS and Rich Media Messaging can solve this issue. Also, retailers are often left with the burden of manually sorting through all the returns, line by line, to determine the correct packaging, pricing, and product.  As with deductions, the process starts with researching documents, compiling data usually across 4 or more systems and matching each and every one.


There has to be a better way... right?

As a high volume IT and consumer electronics distributor, D&H Distributing has implemented the iNymbus Return Variance Automation to solve the headache of RMA claims. Matching multiple documents and data sets is done automatically with RPA (robotic process automation). A process that normally takes hours can be finished in a fraction of time down to seconds. Download the case study below to learn more about automating the RMA claims process today!


Download Amazon Case Study PDF D&H Distributing Eliminates Their Chargeback Problem


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