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New Case Study: Wireless Accessories Distributor and Manufacturer

| March 18, 2020
| Amazon ,

iNymbus wireless accessories case study blog header - Mar 2020

Big-name retailers such as Target and Best Buy utilize complex chargeback and deduction systems that use independently operated customer portals. The time associated with handling such monotonous tasks requires an abundance of resources dedicated to processing retailer claims. Key frustrations noted from the wireless accessories distributor include:

  • Retailers use different portals making it challenging to navigate across systems concurrently
  • Chargebacks and deductions must be extracted individually and each with a unique process
  • Supporting detail pulled from multiple sources are required to dispute deductions 
  • Chargebacks and deductions associated with Target and Best Buy often number upwards of 100 or more claims per week
  • The amount of time spent on high volumes of deductions diverts manpower from more proactive and impactful areas of the business 

Download Wireless Accessories Distributor Case Study PDF

While big box retailers can use computer automation and robotics for raising claims, the wireless accessories distributor was ill-equipped to manage such voluminous transactions. Retailers often have short dispute windows and may frequently change their customer portals. These systemic problems left the wireless accessories A/R department feeling frustrated and over-burdened.

Even as employees became increasingly efficient with internal systems, countless hours were spent handling claims in various customer portals. We discovered that the average chargeback or deduction required 3 to 5 minutes per claim!

Download our latest case study to learn how our they turned things around and successfully simplified their chargeback and deduction process!

Download Amazon Case Study PDF D&H Distributing Eliminates Their Chargeback Problem

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