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Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims: Supplier Community Presentation Now Available!

| September 16, 2019
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Supplier Community  Shipping Claims Webinar


For over six years, we have been helping manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers process shipping carrier freight claims from shippers like UPS, FedEx, and others. We understand the time consuming and frustrating nature of manual freight claim processing. Our robotic technology has been explicitly designed to eliminate the chargeback processing headache freight carriers cause for credit and collections departments.


"How to Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims"  Download PDF Presentation & Transcript


We recently presented a webinar with Supplier Community, explaining why traditional solutions such as investing in workforce and systems don't solve your freight claims problems. The presentation covered the tedious nature of UPS chargebacks and the painfully manual process of submitting a FexEx claim form.

But the best part: how using robotic technology to process freight claims will surely save time and money. Disputing shipper claims automatically is a unique solution and entirely achievable - watch the recording below to learn how!



For a copy of the presentation slides or the written transcript, with our compliments, please enjoy a PDF download of "How To Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing."Automate Shipping Freight Claims Download Presentation


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