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Common Amazon Chargeback Issues That Will Cut Into Your Holiday Profits


Common Amazon Chargeback Issues That Will Cut Into Your Holiday Profits

It's that merry time of year again...chargeback season! Any vendor or supplier selling on Amazon is sure to tell you, the process of filing chargebacks is nothing short of frustrating, and this time of year likely to cut right into those holiday profits. Vendors might even suspect Amazon intentionally makes chargeback processing tedious and confusing, making it difficult for them to dispute chargebacks, by implementing changes seemingly randomly and without warning. Certainly seems like a great way for Amazon to increase their own profit margin, don't you think?

Quite simply, Amazon is just looking out for Amazon. Their chargeback processing has the strategic goal of making things more efficient for THEM, with the consequence of driving their sellers crazy.

Penny chargebacks that add up to thousands of dollars,  complex and ever-changing algorithms, the sheer volume of chargebacks during and after the holiday season, and no way to communicate with a "real person" at Amazon -- sound familiar? 

We think you'll be surprised at how quick and easily a solution can be implemented, that essentially pays for itself in a matter of a month or two.  

Download 8 Amazon Chargeback Issues White Paper

If you want to learn more about how iNymbus customers solve their chargebacks, and deductions problems, check out our detailed resource page. You are not alone!

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