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Kohl's Deduction: Automate Disputing With iNymbus


kohls deductionKohl's is one of the leading retail chains in America, with more than 65 million customers and 1,100 stores in 49 states. It provides great opportunities for expanding business. However, these opportunities come at a cost. As a vendor or supplier, dealing with deductions and chargebacks is an inevitable part of the retail business.


Unresolved deductions can pose challenges in maintaining healthy accounts receivable and cash flow. Businesses have tried numerous deduction management systems to tackle deductions, from outsourcing deduction automation to hiring a large number of employees. It still remains a problem for a lot of suppliers, especially for those who deal with multiple medium-sized retailers like Kohl's.


In this article, we will dive deep into various ways suppliers deal with deductions, benefits, and drawbacks of each one of them, and we'll discuss if this process of disputing Kohl's deductions can be automated.


Traditional Method of Disputing Kohl’s Chargebacks

Vendors traditionally dispute Kohl's claims manually through the Traverse portal, which allows them to track as well as dispute deductions. 

The portal provides suppliers with these tools:

  • View vendor compliance charge information
  • File Vendor compliance chargeback disputes
  • View photos and other supporting chargeback data
  • Upload documents or image files for disputes
  • View the status of disputes

There are numerous problems with disputing deductions manually, one of them being locating the invoices with deductions. Managing deductions from multiple retailers makes this process even more challenging, as analysts must remember how each portal works.


Deduction Management Software


How To Navigate On The Traverse Portal To Find Invoice With Deductions

Step 1: Access the Traverse portal.
Step 2: Click on "Vendor Tools" in the right navigation menu.
Step 3: Head to ‘Find Charges’ and select the date range.


You will now have a list of invoices with deductions, each of them tagged with a deduction code. Unlike other retailers who directly provide descriptions for a deduction, one needs to interpret Kohl's deduction code, making the process of disputing even more complicated. It is crucial to have a deep understanding of these codes, as what documents to submit depends on which code is issued.


Common Kohl's Deduction Codes:

  • ASN11
  • ASN12
  • PG01
  • PG03

Dispute Deductions on Traverse Portal

Step 1: Navigate to “Create Disputes” to initiate dispute resolution

Step 2: Fill in the chargeback details.

Step 3: Upload supporting docs in the "Attachments" section.

Step 4: Click "Submit" to file the dispute.


What is Wrong With The Traditional Method

While Kohl's Traverse portal provides tools for deduction management, vendors face major obstacles using traditional manual methods for processing deductions and resolving disputes.


Processing deductions and resolving disputes manually is time-consuming and resource-heavy. Vendors spend too much time on identifying deductions and deduction resolution, which slows things down and leaves fewer resources for growing the business.


Vendors dealing with deductions from different retailers, like Kohl's and others, face a heavy workload. Each retailer has its own rules and processes for deductions, making it harder to manage. Handling deductions from many retailers makes it even tougher to deal with claims and solve disputes, leading to more mistakes and missed issues during resolution.


Even though automation sounds promising, many vendors can't find one solution that works for all their retailers. Without a single solution, they have to rely on different systems or manual methods for handling claims, disputes, and deductions. This makes things less efficient and harder to manage across multiple retailers.


How iNymbus Automates Kohl’s Claims

What if I told you that you can automate this whole process end-to-end? Not only that, you can automate disputing deductions from 25+ retailers. YES, you heard it right. 


iNymbus can be your one-stop deduction management software. Our automation software uses cutting-edge RPA technology to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of claims management. We even provide advanced claim data so that suppliers can find where the claims are coming from in the first place.

In the market, there are various claim management software options, but what sets us apart is our ability to support over 25 retailers and to readily add more at customers' requests.


Click to Learn More How iNymbus Supports 25+ Retailers

Here is how we helped a giant supplier with $2 Billion in annual revenue tackle deductions from over 20 retailers. We support not only retail giants like Amazon and Walmart but also medium-sized retailers like Nordstrom and Ulta that do email disputing.


2 Billion Client CTA


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