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New Case Study: Large eGame Distributor Recovers Lost Revenue from Walmart & Costco

inymbus Walmart Costco Case Study blog post 1024 x 512 - Dec 2019

If you are in the business of sending product to retailers, you are familiar with deduction claims and their impact. Financially they erode your bottom line, emotionally they drain your A/R team, and physically they rob your workforce hours and hours that should go to higher and better use than tedious and monotonous tasks.

Download PDF "eGame Distributor Retailer Claims Case Study"

Our customer, a large full-service and leading video game and accessories distributor, naturally has retail partners like Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy. And when it comes to retailer shortage and returns claims, some of these retailers are more problematic than others. 

iNymbus robots can automatically pull and gather all claim documents, group them into a single PDF for A/R review, and even submit to Walmart and Costco directly through their portals. Not only has this approach had a positive effect on the bottom line, but a positive effect on employee morale by eliminating tedious and unfulfilling job duties.

Download our latest case study to learn more about how iNymbus is automatically resolving Walmart shortage claims and Costco returns claims for a large eGame distributor! 

Download PDF "eGame Distributor Retailer Claims Case Study"

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