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Post-Holidays Deduction Backlog? iNymbus: An Automated Solution for Your Business



The holiday season is undoubtedly a great time for businesses, marked by increased sales and festive cheer. After the holidays, businesses often deal with extra challenges, specifically a surge in Amazon deductions and Walmart deductionsthe post-holiday deduction backlog. In this comprehensive blog post, we'll delve into the root causes of this phenomenon, examine the potential issues it poses, and introduce our solution, an innovative automated deduction management software designed to be the antidote to post-holiday operational complexities.

Causes of Deduction Backlog:

  • High Volume of Orders:
    The surge in post-holiday orders, while a welcome boost in revenue, can create a logistical puzzle for businesses. The sheer volume of transactions may overwhelm existing systems, leading to delays in deduction processing.

  • Reduced Manpower (Vacations):
    As dedicated team members take well-deserved vacations post-festivities, the reduced workforce can compound the challenges of handling a sudden influx of deductions. This staffing gap can result in slower processing times and potential errors.

Issues Arising from Backlog:

  • Extended Working Hours:
    In an effort to catch up with the backlog, employees may find themselves putting in longer hours. Extended workdays not only impact work-life balance but also pose the risk of diminishing productivity and employee well-being.

  • Risk of Missing Deductions:
    The rush to meet stringent deadlines increases the likelihood of oversight. Missing deductions can have significant financial repercussions, impacting the bottom line and eroding profits.

  • Cashflow Problems:
    A deduction backlog can disrupt the delicate balance of cash flow, affecting your business's ability to manage day-to-day expenses and invest in future growth initiatives.

iNymbus: Automated Deduction Management Software:

iNymbus is a tool designed to make deduction management easy for businesses. Specifically created to tackle the challenges that come with post-holiday deduction backlogs, iNymbus is all about efficiency and precision.

Here are the results that you can expect once you let iNymbus manage your deductions.

  1. Substantial Cost Reduction: iNymbus leads to an impressive 80-90% reduction in the cost per claim. The streamlined and automated process not only increases efficiency but also contributes to significant cost savings.

  2. High Efficiency: iNymbus employs Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the shortage dispute process, achieving speeds up to 30 times faster than manual methods. So you will have a backlog to worry about.

  3. Comprehensive Coverage: iNymbus empowers you to cover 100% of all claims, a feat that may not have been achievable through manual management alone.

  4. Claim Prevention: Through the utilization of advanced data analysis, iNymbus facilitates improved root cause analysis, leading to our clients witnessing a noteworthy 60% reduction in valid claims, typically realized after a few months of implementation.

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How iNymbus Solves Deduction Backlog:

  1. Automated Document Retrieval
    iNymbus excels in automatically retrieving all claim documentation, whether it's stored in a portal, communicated via EDI, or resides within emails.

  2. Organize
    Effortlessly organize all claim documentation in a manner that aligns perfectly with audit or retailer specifications, ensuring enhanced efficiency.

  3. Present
    Facilitate instant access to claim documentation for your valued business partners, ensuring smooth collaboration and effective communication.

  4. Upload
    Efficiently upload denied claim packets to vendor portals or transmit them through automated emails.

Case Studies/Testimonials:

This case study highlights the challenges faced by a wireless accessories distributor in handling chargebacks and deductions from major retailers like Target and Amazon. The manual and time-consuming processes associated with diverse portals and intricate documentation led the distributor to implement iNymbus cloud robotic automation. By utilizing internal and external extraction programs, the distributor significantly improved efficiency, reducing time and resources spent on tedious tasks. The case study emphasizes three essential components for automatic processing and invites readers to discover how iNymbus transformed the chargeback process, offering a solution to complex challenges.

For more details, download the full case study.

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In summary, iNymbus presents a practical solution to the post-holiday deduction backlog that businesses commonly encounter. By leveraging automation, it efficiently addresses the key issues, resulting in a significant reduction in costs and a substantial increase in processing speed.

Real-world case studies further emphasize the positive impact of this solution. Consider iNymbus as a strategic investment for simplified and efficient deduction management in your business.

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