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Proving the Concept: Using RPA for Amazon and Walmart Deductions

Proving the Concept

Learn how leading companies are boosting their Amazon and Walmart deductions processes with the iNymbus 30-Day Pilot Program.

Real Solutions born from Real Frustrations

No matter your role in any business, there is always work that just needs to be done. For suppliers, we all know this to be the case with resolving retailer chargebacks and deductions. The process is tedious, requiring constant follow up and tracking to completely collect revenue.

iNymbus was founded to solve this very pain, enabling customers like Warner Brothers to reduce their deductions and chargeback cost by 80%. iNymbus is used across a variety of industries to automate retail and shipper claims at 30x the speed using a combination of AI and RPA (robotic process automation). 

Proving the Concept: iNymbus 30-Day Pilot Program
Last week, a leading apparel manufacturing company saw nearly eight weeks worth of deductions resolved within two weeks into their iNymbus pilot program. This was achieved using deduction automation and letting bots do the work.
Working with all kinds of companies, we've found that teams attempt to stay current with deductions using a number of different processes. Nearly all require manual intervention that simply does not scale. We apply this automation to any retailer and any system.
True deduction automation can permanently solve this challenge. During our free 30-Day Pilot program, users quickly see the effectiveness of iNymbus' RPA technology as it works to resolve claims- new and backlogged. 
Download to read book distributor chargeback and deductions case study.

How Does iNymbus Work?

We apply industry specific knowledge AI and RPA technology to auto-resolve retailer claims, shipper claims, Amazon returns, and Debit-Credit Matching Automation.

If you're still manually processing claims for the nation's top retailers including Amazon and Walmart, the advantages of RPA technology are real. Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and see our bots in action!

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