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Seeing a Spike in Amazon Deductions? Here's What You Can Do Today

Seeing a Spike in Amazon Deductions? Heres What You Can Do Today

Recent events have caused spikes in sales with many retail suppliers. Here's what you can do to scale your credit and collections team to tackle the incoming claim workload.

Deductions and Chargebacks due to Pandemic and Seasonality

If your company saw a spike in business due to the recent COVID pandemic, you may be looking for ways to address the coming wave of deductions. Invalid chargebacks and deductions keep you from collecting revenue on products that have already been delivered and sold. 

Retailers often become the “judge and jury” when it comes to deductions, leaving your team in an endless process loop of submission and follow-up to recover revenue from invalid shortage, compliance, and pricing claims from retailers. 

Common Processes are Falling Behind to Technology
Options that are traditionally used to manage the pain of this recovery process include outsourcing, hiring temps, and purchasing large software modules for your ERP system. Below are systems we commonly see being used:
Instead of investing serious capital and manpower into ineffective systems, iNymbus is a lightweight automation solution that can be quickly deployed using your existing processes and technology! Start by fighting technology with technology.

Adding automation solutions to your workflow process can be the key to unlocking more revenue and staying current in today's economy. 
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How Does iNymbus Work?

iNymbus gets to work by automating deductions from the moment they are received in Amazon Vendor Central, Walmart Retail Link, or any other customer portal. The email deduction workflows are also automated in this process as well. 

To automate tracking and filing of  disputes, iNymbus uses RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI technology to complete the entire claim resolution process in seconds. Determining which method to use, including automation, depends on the time and resources you are currently committing  and the volume of repetitive deductions you receive.

The first step begins with identifying the  number of retailer deductions and chargebacks received per month. Then calculate the time spent resolving each individual claim across the organization. Now, if our robots could work for you, what would you do with the hours you save per day?

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