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Amazon Vendor Central Headaches? Say Hello to Cloud Automation

Cloud Robot Automation

There is no denying the sheer power of Amazon in today’s world. So if you have the privilege of being an Amazon vendor selling through the Vendor Central platform, you’ll know how great this can be for your business.

But you know what’s not great? Dealing with confusing chargeback procedures, navigating frustrating chargeback screens, and trying to collect payment from invalid chargebacks!

Big box retailers like Amazon are charging their vendors claims of increasing size and frequency, significantly cutting into their profits in the process. As Amazon becomes even more sophisticated and increasingly relies on automation technologies, they’re issuing more claims against issues like pricing problems, shortages, chargebacks, and returns. 


This creates massive amounts of paperwork and processing delay, especially if your business receives thousands of chargebacks a month. If not managed correctly, you’ll be left with lower bottom lines and increased financial pressure to boot.


Cloud automation can help you if you’re experiencing these headaches. Automated services like iNymbus’ solution enables you to simplify the retailer and shipper claims process and remove the manual work involved outright that can eat up hours and hours of time. 


Our solution uses cloud robotic process automation and the power of AI to automatically gather deduction information, organize and prepare the required claims documents, and upload complete claim packets to Amazon’s Vendor Central. 

Dispute management has never been simpler.


The Effective Way to Manage Deductions

It’s no secret that Amazon charges its vendors hefty chargebacks for a wide variety of reasons. Currently, the best and most efficient way to handle the dispute management process and dispute chargebacks successfully is to use an automation software application to automate the entire process. 


Solutions like iNymbus use similar robotic technologies to those that Amazon uses to generate chargebacks to begin with. This technology makes it possible to automatically gather a business’s SOP, automate the document matching and uploading process, and perform the data entry and calculation necessary to effectively dispute deductions.


Using a robotic automation software application to dispute chargebacks is a relatively new solution to Amazon vendors’ woes. Despite its infancy, however, this solution provides a reliable way to use technology to enhance and streamline the dispute management process at every stage. 


Why Cloud Automation is Superior

It can take many months to organize and file a claim against a chargeback, and retailers can spend hundreds of hours’ worth of processing time dealing with claims every month. They also need to train employees to file claims correctly, lest their applications be repeatedly rejected.

Additionally, Amazon suppliers have a unique set of obstacles to tackle. 


The retailer issues chargebacks on a large percentage of the invoices it receives and these chargebacks can quickly accumulate to hefty sums over time. Suppliers with high transaction volumes can face thousands of chargebacks every month, and specific matched documentation needs to be submitted to dispute each of these deductions.


Some suppliers may also find that the paperwork they need to dispute their deductions is not readily available for submission. Others struggle to use Amazon’s complex chargeback portal. Each and every chargeback that a vendor disputes can also take up to 30 minutes to submit – and for suppliers with thousands of chargebacks, this is a tall order indeed! Deduction disputes also need to be processed within a certain dispute window in order to be approved and refunded.


iNymbus’ automation software application can significantly reduce the many costs of the dispute management process – both in time and money. Automating the claims process reduces the time frame involved to mere days, if not hours, and can help suppliers to bring their chargeback counts to zero. Allowing them to preserve their profit margins simultaneously.


How iNymbus Can Assist Suppliers

iNymbus’s service eliminates the manual labor involved in dispute management. Instead, it uses cloud-based automation systems to process claims, easy-peasy.


The service:

  1. Rapidly and automatically gathers all necessary claim documentation 
  2. Efficiently organizes claim documentation according to Amazon’s exacting requirements to minimize the risk of claim denial
  3. Provides select business partners with secure cloud access to the claim documents
  4. Automatically uploads claim packets to Vendor Central
  5. Ensures every chargeback is disputed

iNymbus is focused on shipper and retailer claims with the goal of processing them rapidly and efficiently while reducing the margin of human error. It uses cloud data storage facilities paired with robotic automation to innovatively solve retail chargeback processing challenges.


The automated system is able to process a broad spectrum of data input, from data and PDF files to Excel files, vendor portals, and receivable system extracts. The system can edit the claim information into the correct format required by Amazon’s Vendor Central retail portal.


Every business is different, and every company has its own unique claim processing needs. iNymbus’s onboarding is customized for each company individually to accurately and reliably meet their claims needs.


Suppliers that use the iNymbus automation software application for their dispute management can enjoy a reduction in claims processing costs of as much as 80%. The service can exponentially increase the processing speed of claims, and reduce Days Deductions Outstanding (DDO) by up to 50% as well. 


iNymbus also has the power to boost companies’ claims recovery rates; this removes the need for suppliers to constantly stay up to date with changes in Amazon’s claims processes. The service is not affected by seasonality either, and can run on its own with no human intervention once it has been set up. This leaves you with more time to operate and expand your business vs. dealing with tedious busy-work.


Your Questions Answered

Still not convinced? We’ve answered some of the most common questions on our cloud robotic process automation system.


How do you access customer portal logins?

You provide iNymbus with a portal login, and we take it from there!


What is considered a transaction?

A transaction is defined as a claim on a portal or line item deducted from remittance. It is NOT the individual transactions required to resolve the claim.


Can you work with 3PLs?

Yup, we sure can! We are happy to work with third-party logistics firms.


How long do items stay on the dashboard?

You define how long the items remain on the dashboard. 


Does iNymbus know the document requirements for portal entry?

Yes, we do, but some customers may wish to have us use their own set of requirements and we’re happy to do that. 


How often do you scrape the retailer portals?

As often as you need us to, every 15 minutes usually.


The dispute process can vary by reason code – how do you handle that? 

The dispute process for different reason codes will be identified in the initial set-up. Bots are already resolving shortage, compliance, and pricing claims across retailers.


How do you handle Amazon claims that are "off system?" Valid or invalid determination - is it our problem or theirs?

Robots gather the documentation required for the specific claim.


Can you prioritize the claims by dollar amount on the portal?

Yes, you have the option to have bots prioritize claims to fit business needs.


Can we also send you prior chargebacks that were disputed once and denied?

Yes, we have had great success with resubmitting older claims. Our re-dispute bots will open cases on your behalf.


How fast can you get up and running?

Once the bridges to the data are created the bots can be up and running in 2-3 weeks.


Does someone have to continuously add data/docs to the dashboard or program in the background on an ongoing basis?

Nope. Once the portal, EDI, and FTP connections are made, it is automatic.


Can we cross-check the accuracy of the claims before submission?

Yes, your iNymbus instance can be set up to allow cross-check and manual submission.


Leave it to the Robots

If you’re a vendor working with a major retailer like Amazon, cloud automation can change the game for you, your business, and your employees.


Suppliers  can use iNymbus’ automation software application to seamlessly manage their chargeback dispute management protocols, increase their claims recovery rates, and save countless hours and dollars in the process.

Heard enough? Let’s get started.


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