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New White Paper: Automating Returns Variance Processing

| April 14, 2020

iNymbus returns variance - white paper

Retail returns can be a logistical nightmare that wastes human capital and resources. Retailers don’t want to hold onto returned items for prolonged periods, as a result it is common for retailers to quickly send returns back to the manufacturer, who is left dealing with many potential problems, including:


  • Increased warehouse costs from storing returned goods
  • Returns may be missing items or parts
  • The wrong products may be shipped
  • Incorrect pricing or prices that differs from the original purchases
  • Suppliers have to pay for shipping and handling costs

Returns handled incorrectly can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in unreconciled returns variances. 


Automating Returns Variance Processing White Paper


At iNymbus, we decided to utilize RPA and artificial intelligence to eliminate manual returns variance processing. Our solutions allow companies to submit information directly to retailer portals, helping to streamline and automate returns variance analysis. We’re able to expedite business interactions using a combination of robots and AI. 


Download our new white paper to learn how our automated solution can streamline returns variance processing issues.

Download to read book distributor chargeback and deductions case study.

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