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How To Get Your I.T. Team Onboard With Automated Chargeback and Deduction Processing

The below is a repost of a blog originally written and 2017, but it's so valuable we couldn't help but share again. You can find the original post here. I.T. departments are busy, and more often than not, stretched thin. So understandably it can be intimidating to...

Press Release: Stop Battling Walmart Deductions, Start Increasing Your Profits

iNymbus today released a special case study for Walmart Suppliers and Distributors entitled ‘Stop Battling Walmart Deductions, Start Increasing Your Profits’, describing the issues with the Walmart deduction dispute process and detailing how multiple distributors...

Walmart Deduction Management: Gain Control By Automating Deduction Processing

  Many big-box store suppliers and distributors can relate to the overwhelming issue of Walmart deductions. From the resources it takes to handle the sheer volume, to the profits lost in unrecovered claims, Walmart deductions pose a major problem.

Sreedhar Narahari, Founder and CEO, Provides His Take on AI and Life with iNymbus

In an interview with iNymbus Founder and CEO, Sreedhar Narahari, we learn about life at iNymbus, his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and working on the edge of technology, and more. 

How To Dispute Walmart Deduction Claims Automatically

We recently spoke with one of our customers, a large distributor, about how they they came to the decision to implement iNymbus to process Walmart deduction claims over two years ago, what the process was like, and how things are going now.  Editor's Note: This blog...

Favorite Five Chargeback and Deduction Blog Posts of 2018

  We wrote, you read. From the frustration and challenges of manually processing chargebacks and deductions, to tips and tricks on how to beat the likes of Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and UPS at their own game, and everything in between, we covered a lot here in 2018. And...

Walmart Deductions Don't Have to Ruin Your Holidays: The Gift of Automated Deduction Processing

In the midst of the holiday season, it's a fond time for many (parties, gifts, sweet treats, oh my!) but for those who work daily to process chargebacks and deductions, the holidays may bring up some contrary emotions. During this seasonal period of increased...

Amazon's 2-Step Verification is Driving Our Customers Crazy

Last year Amazon implemented mandatory 2-Step Verification for both Seller and Vendor Central account logins. This change was a defensive measure to cut down on the rampant fraud generated by the virtual tsunami of consumers turning to Amazon for their every need. 

Where's the Bill of Lading? The Roadblock with UPS Freight Overcharge Claims

Ever searched UPS for a bill of lading (BOL) and not been able to locate it? UPS only allow shippers to view BOL's (or the shipping information and history of the goods delivered) on their terms. BOL's are searchable on the UPS website for only 120 days after the...

Recent Changes to Amazon Overage Chargebacks

Recently, the digital experts at Zanoma published a blog post on the most recent change to Amazon chargebacks. We summarized below and hope you find it helpful in finding success as an Amazon vendor!  Chargebacks - a dreaded word and point of major friction between...

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