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Embracing Automation- Walmart Launches Bot Token System

Walmart Bot Token

In a bid to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, Walmart has taken a progressive step towards automation by introducing the concept of "Bot Tokens" for its suppliers.

This innovative move marks a significant milestone in the retail giant's ongoing efforts to embrace technological advancements while optimizing its supply chain processes.

In this article, we delve into the basics of Bot Tokens, how suppliers can create them, and the transformative impact this change brings to Walmart's supplier ecosystem.


What is a “Walmart Bot Token”?

In today's modern landscape, it's evident that technology often outperforms humans in various tasks. This phenomenon extends to different areas, including business processes. As part of this trend, Walmart has introduced the concept of a "Walmart Bot Token" for its suppliers.

This development addresses a prevalent challenge where Multi-Factor Authentication on Retail Link posed difficulties for many automated bot accounts attempting to log in. The introduction of the Bot token simplifies the login procedure for 'Bot Accounts', enabling them to perform tasks while upholding the platform's security standards. Essentially, the Bot token serves as a unique key issued to the Bot, allowing it to access Walmart's systems. When this distinctive key is utilized, Walmart identifies the entity as a Bot Account.

Walmart's strategic decision reflects a shift in its stance towards automation. They now actively encourage retailers to welcome automation, as demonstrated by their effort to facilitate Bot Account access through the Bot Token mechanism.


How to Create a Walmart Bot Account

User Management > Add User (Upper-Right) > Fill In The Details > Mark It As A Bot Account

Tips By Walmart When Making A Bot Account

  • Generate a new company email domain for the bot.
  • Giving the bot a name that makes sense, so user management is tidy and easier.

Access Retail Link Using A Bot Account

Please follow these steps:

1) Establish Bot Account: Ensure that you have already set up a bot account for Retail Link.
2) Retrieve Bot Token: Obtain the Bot Token associated with your bot account.
3) Modify Network Request: To log in successfully, you need to incorporate the Bot Token into your network request. Add the following token to the request header: `x-bot-token: <bot-token>`

4) For Automation Engineers: Modify your network requests to include the bot token in the header like this:

curl -H 'x-bot-token: <bot-token>' https://retail-link-url.com/login

5) Replace `<bot-token>` with the actual Bot Token you obtained in step 2 and replace `https://retail-link-url.com/login` with the correct Retail Link login URL.

6) Successful Request: If your request is successful, you will receive a response similar to the sample below:

This response confirms that the bot account has been logged into successfully.

By following these steps and incorporating the Bot Token into the header of your network request, you should be able to log in to the bot account and access Retail Link as needed.


Changes in Your Supplier Journey

  • For Suppliers Using Automated Software
    • For suppliers who are proficient in utilizing automation software, the introduction of 'Bot Tokens' enhances the overall experience, making it as seamless and efficient as that of other retailers such as Amazon or Target.
    • The removal of previously required Multi-Factor Authentication has made the interaction between Bots and Retail Link more efficient.
  • For Suppliers Not Using Automated Software
    • For suppliers who haven't yet embraced Automated, the concept of Bot Tokens serves as an incentive to explore and adopt automation solutions.
    • Removing hurdles posed by multi-factor authentication on Retail Link encourages suppliers to consider integrating automated tools into their operations.

In conclusion, the introduction of Walmart Bot Tokens for suppliers is a strategic move that reflects the company's commitment to technological innovation and operational excellence.

By enabling suppliers to develop and integrate automated solutions directly into Walmart's systems, the retail giant not only streamlines its supply chain processes but also empowers its suppliers to operate with greater efficiency and accuracy.

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