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Top Blog Posts of 2019: Retailer and Shipper Claims News and Information

2019-12-21_11-07-40The iNymbus blog is a reflection of our commitment to solving manufacturer, distributor, and supplier problems such as retailer shortages, chargebacks, pricing, and returns processing issues with robots and AI in the cloud. As 2019 comes to a close, we rounded up the most popular blog posts that provided various retailer and shipper claims news and information. 

1. How to dispute walmart deduction claims automatically (January 2, 2019)

We recently spoke with one of our customers, a large distributor, about how they they came to the decision to implement iNymbus to process Walmart deduction claims over two years ago, what the process was like, and how things are going now. Read More...


2. Top three solutions for disputing retailer or shipper chargebacks and deductions (february 22, 2019)

So you have an Amazon, Walmart, Costco, (fill in the blank: large retailer) or a FedEx, UPS (fill in the blank: large shipper) deduction and chargeback problem. The volume is tremendous and the rate is furious. Your department is overwhelmed and you can't seem to get ahead, yet there is pressure to resolve these deductions and recover the lost revenue. Read More...


3. five things that happen when automation takes over manual chargeback and deduction processing (february 28, 2019)

The iNymbus solution is a revolutionary way in dealing with retailer and shipper chargebacks and deductions. By using our robots to fight fire with fire, you can bring your deductions down to ZERO, and keep them there consistently. But what happens if there aren't any chargebacks and deductions to process? Read More...


4. prepare for amazon's new fFP requirements, or prepare for sizable chargebacks (July 3, 2019)

Reducing unwrapping time and waste in regards to packaging has Amazon convinced they’ll improve the customer experience and see higher customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer will buy again, and a buying customer makes Amazon happy.  Now that’s a lot of happiness, so what’s the problem? Read More...


5. Why Large RPA Companies Aren't The Best strategy for chargeback & deduction processing (december 2, 2019)

Industries growing from humble beginnings as fledgling start-ups to massive corporate conglomerates is not a new phenomenon. Throughout consumer history, companies from all fields have transformed from garage-based enterprises to some of the most powerful organizations in the world.

That’s not to say that growth and expansion is inherently negative, but niche companies better serve certain industries with specific knowledge of business processes. Read More...


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