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Top Blog Posts of 2020: Retailer and Shipper Claims News and Information

| November 19, 2020
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Top Blog Posts of 2019 Retailer and Shipper Claims News and Information

Looking back at 2020, we have all adapted to the changes we've seen at work and at home. The iNymbus blog is a reflection of our commitment to solving manufacturer, distributor, and supplier problems such as retailer shortages, chargebacks, pricing, and returns processing issues with RPA and AI. As 2020 comes to a close, we gathered the most popular blog posts that provided various retailer and shipper claims news and information.


1. Using RPA to improve employee Engagement (March 2020)

This year brought plenty of changes to how and where we work. In a webinar presented by Rohit Patel, Credit & Collections Expert and Consultant, we covered how your A/R team can utilize RPA technology to improve employee engagement- anywhere. Read about blog here


2. Preventing and Resolving Retailer Deduction & Chargeback Claims (February 2020)

Many manufacturers, distributors and suppliers treat retailer deductions and chargebacks (or at least a portion of them) as the cost of doing business. However, it is possible to both prevent the likelihood of their occurrences, as well as streamline and automate the process of resolving them. Read about blog here

Download to read book distributor chargeback and deductions case study.

3. Boost your Retailer Collections Productivity Now (June 2020)

Software suites for managing deductions and claims have existed for some time now. At best, these tools exist to help teams gather documents. iNymbus is the fastest way to process deductions by adding automation to your existing technology stack! Read about blog here


4. Reimagine Your Claim Processes (September 2020)

With more than half of year in the books, people are reimagining the idea of work and how we get things done. Below are the ways iNymbus has helped teams transform the way they handle repetitive, multi-step processes to resolve deductions, freight claims, and returns. Read about blog here


5. Proving the Concept: Using RPA for Amazon and Walmart Deductions (august 2020)

Learn how leading companies are boosting their Amazon and Walmart deductions processes and it all started with iNymbus 30-Day Pilot Program. Read about blog here

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